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Antitrust and Competition Law

Preventive and strategic advice aimed at avoiding or reducing the antitrust risk

Legal assessment of practices and commercial agreements (e.g., distribution, agency, franchise, joint venture, strategic alliances) aimed at ensuring their compliance with antitrust and competition rules at a national and EU level.

Analysis and evaluation of the degree of our clients’ compliance with Spanish and EU regulations on competition law, designing the strategies that best suit their interests.

Organization and delivery of antitrust compliance programmes, as well as of internal antitrust audits.

Merger control advice

Jurisdictional and substantive assessment of national and EU mergers from an antitrust perspective.

Advice and legal counsel in national and EU merger investigations until the required authorisation to close the underlying transaction has been received. This includes the preparation and filing of the relevant notifications before the proper national or EU competition authorities.

Assistance in the drafting of contractual documents related to the proposed merger in order to verify that they do not include anti-competitive provisions (e.g., non-ancillary restraints, certain types of monitoring committees, restrictive covenants) and, if so, devising appropriate strategies aimed at minimizing the underlying antitrust risks.

Legal representation before the competition authorities and competent Courts of Justice and Arbitration

Legal representation of clients in antitrust investigations brought by the competition authorities at the national and EU levels, including specific assistance under the applicable leniency programme.

Assistance with the preparation of complaints to be filed with the proper competition authorities due to alleged infringements of competition law to the detriment of our clients, as well as the representation in the eventual antitrust investigation.

Challenging sanctioning decisions issued by the Spanish competition authorities and/ or the European Commission before the competent Courts.

European Union Law and Regulated Sectors

Regulated sectors and trade within the European Union

Advising on the implementation of European Union law in regulated sectors, such as banking, insurance, media, pharmaceuticals, agri-food and telecommunications, among others.

Advice on issues related to the internal market of the European Union, in particular those concerning the right of establishment and the free movement of capital, people, goods and services to or from Member States.

Advice on technical barriers to free trade caused by discrepancies between national and EU regulations on trade.

Dispute resolution

Legal representation before the Spanish Courts, the European Commission, the General Court and/ or the Court of Justice of the European Union in relation to the breach of the rules on trade and consumer protection.

Intervention in arbitration proceedings related to European Union law.

Other Legal Services

Although we are passionate about EU and Competition Law, we are aware that sometimes our clients may require other legal services, whether linked or not to the matters entrusted to the Firm. In the event that we are not able to adequately provide these services directly, we have a network of trusted partners who share our philosophy of high-quality legal services, tailored to the particular needs of each client.

High-end EU and Competition legal services Tailored to the specific needs of each client

Challenging a hostile bid before the Spanish Competition Authority
Client: Corporation listed on the N.Y. and Dublin Stock Exchanges (value: $6.5 billion)
Advising on the Spanish and EU antitrust aspects of a multi-jurisdictional deal
Client: Major U.S. pharmaceutical corporation (value: $3.25 billion)
Lead Counsel in a cartel investigation conducted by the Spanish Competition Authority
Client: Major U.S. corporation active in the motor vehicle sector
Lead Counsel in two antitrust appeals before the Spanish Supreme Court
Client: One of the worldwide leading Sherry wineries
Lead Counsel in a major antitrust appeal before the Spanish High Court
Client: Leading Swedish industrial equipment group
Lead Counsel in a cartel investigation conducted by the Spanish Competition Authority
Client: Major Spanish corporation active in the corrugated cardboard market
Preparing independent antitrust expert report
Client: Council of the Spanish Bar Associations
Preparing and implementing a first-class Antitrust and Competition Programme
Client: Major International Insurance Firm